I experienced in PHP and MySql Development Over 9 Years

An Individual with high caliber and proven track records of developing innovative & creative software solution and successful project management in a professionalism and versatile manner.Shyam has is flexible and adaptable positively to any challenges that arise and comfortable at making difficult decisions in some situation.


I am Shyam Babu,

Software Analyst / PHP and MySql Developer / Advance Query From Republic of India Residing in North Coimbatore at State of Tamil Nadu

Experienced More Than 9 years of Development Knowledge at Industries ; with prepartion of Software Requirement Specification and Functional Requirement Specification with Quality Testing on code and output.

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My Skills

I have the following Skills which I have a path of Expertise

Creative Work

Exp 7+ years

Frontend Developer

Exp 7+ years

Backend Developer

Exp 10+ years

Programming Skills

75% Complete
80% Complete
90% Complete
90% Complete

Let's Keep In Touch!

Thank you for visiting out my profile.If you would like to get into contact with me, please mailme@shyambabu.com.


Shyam Babu
India; TN 641001